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Currently our only competition is you doing all of this by yourself. Let’s walk you through our process so you can make the best decision!

Do a Story Design
Call with Us

We Will Draft Your Story and Illustration Plan

Review the Manuscript and Illustration Plan

We Illustrate Your Book Accordingly

Review Illustrations

Share Your Book with the World

We Make Becoming a Kids Book Author Easy

Book a story design call

Let us ask you a series of story design questions in a 30 minute session. One of our writers will help mold and shape your idea into a story. At the end of the call you will have a rough draft of your kids book.

Review the Manuscript and Illustration Plan

We will send you your book manuscript as well as a detailed illustration plan for you to review. You can request changes, as many times as you like. All of our manuscripts are tested on kids in your target age group.

Review Illustrations

Your illustrations are done! Does anything need to change? Our team of illustrators is committed to your joy and making sure it's visually exciting for the kids who will read it.

Share Your Book with the World

At this point your book is published and on Amazon Prime. It’s linked to your KDP Amazon Book Seller Account, with you as the author and copyright holder. Ordering author copies for yourself is inexpensive and easy through your KDP Amazon Book Seller Account. You can easily send copies to prospects, place bulk orders, or print on demand.

We break the project up into 3 major sections: Story Design, Production, and Launch. All in this takes an average of 5 months to go from idea (or no idea) into bestseller.


Business doesn’t have to be boring.
You could write another blog post or get another booth at a conference…or you could create a kids book that your buyers and audience read to their children every night.
We will ghost write and illustrate your kids book in 5 months.

Please see our policy page for when it comes to covering sensitive subjects.