Author Timmy

Timmy Bauer lives in Orlando, Florida. He is the author and illustrator of “Billy the Dragon,” “The Poisonous Woods,” “Zoe to the Rescue,” “Harper Hears No,” and “Lucas the Dinosaur Entrepreneur.” Before being an author, he worked for the Walt Disney Company as a puppeteer and actor. He also hosts two podcasts called the “The Purpose Driven Entrepreneur” and “The Literacy Advocate.” He is the owner of the kids book production company Dinosaur House, where they turn industry leaders into kids book authors.

Who is Lucas the Dinosaur Entrepreneur?

Lucas the Dinosaur is frustrated that he doesn’t have money to do the kinds of things he wants to do. He realized he loves playing outside every day, and his neighbor across the street has a dog who doesn’t get enough exercise! 

Wait a second! He can PLAY outside AND earn money at the same time?! In this book he learns how to make money by offering a service.

What this book teaches:

  • What does it mean to monetize something?
  • How to find a win-win.
  • Valuable service is the way to make money.

School Visit

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