I want to help the next generation think like leaders.

my backstory:

I live in Orlando, Florida. Before becoming an author I used to perform as Peter Pan at Walt Disney World.

I’m the author and illustrator of: 

I wrote my first book for my little brother when I was 17 and he was 4.

My passion is to inspire a generation of kids that are uncommon in their level of literacy and think creatively and purposefully about their future.

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School Visit

Have you ever had an author visit your school? Check out this video and see what all the teachers said!

  • In 2022, I visited 55 Elementary schools!
  • In 2023, I’ll visit 120 all over the US!
  • In 2024, I’m on pace to visit 180 schools!

Let’s hurry and add yours to the list before I’m too packed! Let’s make it happen!

I have a YOUTUBE channel you should check out.

Hey! (author Timmy Bauer here). I made this book in 10 (or was it 12… I can’t remember) weeks. It’s made using an iterative approach (so like, if you have feedback about it, message me on Instagram). I hope you enjoy iteration number one! #KidTimeStoryTime #kidsbooksreadaloud #readaloud

In this Read Aloud, I read the book Grumpy Monkey. This one isn’t one of my books, but it’s hilarious and wonderful. Hit SUBSCRIBE to get MORE READ ALOUDS weekly and support the creators of this book by snagging a copy here: https://www.amazon.com/Grumpy-Monkey-…

I like to HYPE the kids up before a school visit with this:

Day 1 (Play this 3 days before)

Teachers! Play this video for your class 3 days before my visit.

(So like.. if I’m visiting on Friday, you play this video Tuesday. If you messed up, just double up this and then next one.)

Day 2 (Play this 2 days before)

Play this video for your class 2 days before the day of my visit.

(So, if I’m visiting on a Friday, you play this video on Wednesday. If you messed up, just double up this video with the next.)

Day 3: Play this THE DAY BEFORE my visit

(If you messed up, just double up… or go back in time and play this video yesterday.)