36 Kids Books I’m Working on Right Now

James Carbary‘s: I Want to Have a Podcast When I Grow Up

Jaci Fabian‘s: What Does Self-Advocate Mean?

Josh Harcus‘s: Why Does It Burn When I Pee??? (It’s to educate kids about UTI’s, how normal they are, how they happen, etc)

Kenny Ortiz‘s Book: I Want to Be a Pastor When I Grow Up

Blake Bozarth‘s Book: I Want to Be a Leader When I Grow Up

Dan Sanchez‘s Book: I Want to Be a Marketer When I Grow Up

Jeff Kaylor‘s Books: Don’t be a Dingus & Magical Moments for Kids

Stephen Mackey‘s Book: The Game Day Time Travelers: Javelins of Olympic Greece

Darius Mirshahzadeh‘s Book: What Are Family Values?

Enrico Palmerino‘s Book: Daddy Has to Paint the Leaves

Emotions Are Like Crayons in Your Crayon Box

Every Lemonade Stand Needs to Be Different

How Does Money Even Work Actually?

What is a Market Need?

I Want to Do Philanthropy When I Grow Up (Fill – an – throw – pee)

What’s a Million-Dollar Butterfly?

The Popular Kid

Billy the Dragon

The Poisonous Woods (Billy the Dragon 2)

Lucas The Dinosaur Entrepreneur: What Does Monetize Mean???

Harper Hears “No”

The Snail That Almost Got Stepped On

I Want to Be a Pro Water Polo Player When I Grow Up

I Want to Be a Missionary When I Grow Up

I Want to Be a Magician When I Grow Up

I Want to Be a Concert Pianist When I Grow Up

I Want to Be a Soccer Player When I Grow Up

I’m Adopted???

It Doesn’t Matter How Smart You Are, It Matters How You’re Smart

I Want to Be a Tennis Player When I Grow Up

There Were 2 Knights (a story from my 3-year-old niece)

A Book About Rejection

The Rake Vs. The Snake

Ways to Get Rid of Vegetables

When the Baby Poops in the Car

When I Was a Kid in the 90s

Why Do We Need 2 Planets?

What If You Woke Up as a Whale?

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