Dinosaur House


There is currently no competition for our service. We are the only partner that takes you from start to finish crafting your kids book in your voice and delivers the product available on Amazon, 100% owned by you.

"At events, we lay out all of the books we've produced and our kid's book catches the most attention."
Jake and Gino
$4 Billion Total Deal Volume Multifamily Investment Consulting and Education Firm
"The kid's book I produced with you is outselling all of my other business books combined."
“We talked about my industry, my goals for the book, and the next thing I knew, I was reviewing amazing illustrations and a hilarious manuscript."
James Carbary
Founder of Sweet Fish Media, Author of Content Based Networking
"Amazing that our book was the #1 Book on Amazon. We outsold Betty White's kid's book."
Nurse Blake
Influencer (3M+), Nurse, Cofounder of Nursecon and Nursecon at Sea
"Timmy is one of the most genuine & kind-hearted people I know! The entire process working with dinosaur house was seamless & very high quality! Grateful to have worked with him!"
Melissa Hughes
Tiktok Influencer (260k), International Speaker, Bestselling Author
"I knew in my heart that this book needed to be published. I consider myself lucky to have worked with you."
Eric Lang
Father of Two
"I now use my kid's book as my business card; it's instantly memorable."

"Partnering with a company of people that really understand kids books was perfect. Very white-glove service. All I had was an idea, and you were able to make it something that a kid would love to read."
Chad Burmeister
Founder of ScaleX.io and Living a Better Story

We are the best in the world at producing beautiful children’s books that actually are read and loved by children, go on to become best sellers and are made from story design calls with thought leaders.


Business doesn’t have to be boring.
You could write another business book or start another podcast…or you could create a kids book that your buyers and audience read to their children every night and leave a true impact on them.

We will ghost write and illustrate your kids book in one story design call.