"At events, we lay out all of the books we've produced and our kids book catches the most attention."
"The kids book I produced with you is outselling all of my other business books combined."

We are the best in the world at producing beautiful children’s books that actually are read and loved by children, go on to become best sellers and are made from story design calls with thought leaders.

(for creators)

We create with you your best-selling kids book for your 1M+ audience 

What You Get:

  •  Are you a creator/influencer with over 1M followers/subscribers?
  • Dinosaur House’s mission is to turn industry influencers into the best-selling kids book author for their niche.
  • We’ve worked with influencers like Nurse Blake, Melissa Hughes, and Mackey Speaks
  • To date we’ve produced many #1 best-sellers and we want to do that for you.
  • Talk to us about our rev/share model.
  • Please note this option is only for high audience creators.


Zero upfront cost
Royalty Split

(for companies)

We’ll produce your beautifully illustrated & kid’s book for your brand according to our hybrid publishing model

What you get

  • Your Talk, business book, or Keynote turned into a Kids Book
  • Plenty of Story Revision
  • Full illustration
  • Your Book on Amazon Prime in 5 months.
  • Hybrid publishing
  • Turn your content into IP for your brand.
  • Fast timeline (3 months).
  • Website designed for your book.
  • Custom Lead Magnet Activity and Coloring Book
  • Be featured to our 30,000 and growing audience of teachers, parents, and students.
  • a 60/40 revenue split in your favor that doesn’t kick in until after you’ve made back your initial investment.


$1k/mo x 8
Then Royalty Split


If you know you are doing a series, this option is right for you.

Everything in B2B-Rex plus:

  • 5 children’s books
  • Website built for your book.
  • Youtube Book Trailer
  • Podcast placement
  • Multiple languages
  • Coloring pages
  • Activity Book
  • 50 Print copies of each book.
  • Mommy Influencer ad created for your book
  • A year of content to post about your book.
  • School Library Shelf Placement
  • Professionally Produced Video Versions Using Former Disney Voice Actors. 



$2k/mo x 8
Then Royalty Split

What's The ROI of a Kid's Book?

It deepens the relationships with people you want to do business with:

First you meet someone you hope to do business with

We all use human strategies to get customers, investors, business partners, and talent.

  1. Podcasting
  2. Networking Events
  3. Conferences
  4. Zoom Meetups

Then ask if you can send them a gift

John Ruhlin wrote Gift-o-logy for a reason. (And he made it into a kids book).

Few things build relationships like gifting.

The problem is:

  • It’s hard to know what to gift someone.
  • Thoughtful gifting can be expensive at scale.

Unless you’ve made the definitive kid’s book for their industry.

Then put their kid's name in it

Everyone either has a kid or knows a kid. Period. We ALL have relationships with kids in our lives that are deeply special to us, whether it’s a

  • niece
  • nephew
  • cousin
  • child

This is true of your customer as well.

By putting their kid’s name in your book, you’re giving something deeply special.

A gift that will be used in one of the most important moments of the day, family reading time.

Then use conversations about it to deepen your relationship.

For the same reason you’d give someone a business card or swag, you should give a kids book.

Except your business card or company swag doesn’t have built in follow-up.

You can’t be like:

“Hey Bill how was reading my business card…” or “Hey Sal, how’s that mug I sent you.”

That’s weird. But you can go:

“Darrell, what did your kid think of the kids’ book I sent? Did they laugh?”


“Oh my gosh, my kid loves it, she asks me to read it every night now. You’ve cursed me. Hey, we should grab lunch again.”

Please see our policy page for when it comes to covering sensitive subjects.

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