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Our Authors

These Are Just Some Of The Amazing Authors Whose Books You’ll Be Sent.

James Carbary

James Carbary is passionate about relationship building. He believes podcasting is one of the ultimate networking tools. His book I Want to Have a Podcast When I Grow Up teaches kids how they can start podcasting now, and use the medium to build relationships with professionals using Content-Based Networking. As a kid.

Blake Bozarth

Blake Bozarth is passionate about helping kids choose leadership from an early age. His book I Want to Be a Leader When I Grow Up, highlights that leadership is serving, modeling, and encouraging others to do the right thing, regardless of recognition.

Enrico Palmerino

Enrico Palmerino is passionate about fatherhood. Daddy Has to Paint the Leaves is a reflective look at why parents work so hard for their kids.

Mary Grothe

Mary Grothe got tired of hearing people say to her train-loving son, “You should work at a train company when you grow up.” She wrote What If I OWNED a Train Company so her son would think bigger than her peers tell him to and be inspired toward business ownership.

Dan Sanchez

Dan Sanchez had a big problem as a marketer. He wanted to connect with his kids about what he does for a living, but his kids had NO interest in learning about marketing. Now they ask to be read his book I Want to Be a Marketer When I Grow Up every week, and he gets to talk with them about what marketing really is.

Sara Harcus

Sara Harcus is committed to educating young women about UTIs and their treatment. Her book Why Does it Burn When I Pee in a very humorous way, educates little girls on what a UTI is and how it gets treated.

Charlie McKenzie

Charlie McKenzie is passionate about where our food comes from. His book Good Bug, Bad Bug shows different ways farmers can keep bad bugs off their crops

Meet the Founder

Timmy Bauer’s passion for kids’ books started when he was 17 years old, looking for a way to connect more with his 4-year-old brother. His first book Billy the Dragon was written as a way to make him laugh, get scared, be grossed out, or any other reaction he could cause in 4-year-old Tristan each night before bed.

After publishing Billy the Dragon, he went on to author 4 more books over 4 years, and has toured hundreds of elementary schools over the US reading to tens of thousands of kids.

He founded Dinosaur House to help others produce kids books so that more adults will connect deeply with their kids, over topics those adults care about, but in a form that kids enjoy.

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