A Kids Book About Choices and Outcomes

Everyone faces choices in life don’t we? And doesn’t it feel sometimes like we “step in our own poop?”

Oops I Stepped In My Poop is a kids book that helps the reader provide some of their own ideas about what to do when you really “step in it” and provides a backdrop of “The List” – 10 principles that you can use to live a better story!

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Oops I Stepped In My Poop combines four mostly true stories that the Founders of Living A Better Story experienced when they were kids (and in one case, experienced with their son). As the reader goes on a journey through time (and choices) the reader is encouraged to stop and think about making good choices that lead to good outcomes.


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Oops I Stepped in My Poop
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What Did I Tell My Kids on Career Day?

When I visited my kid’s elementary school and was asked about choosing a career, it went something like this…

God makes every single one of us a one-of-one masterpiece. Which means there has never been another one of us, and there never will be. When we our align our lives to what God meant for us, miracles happen.


Remember the List...

Throughout life, thanks to my Grandfather, I have had a list of ten things to remember throughout life to help me make good and sound decisions. And to me, the most important have been these two. If we do these two things, the rest seems to fall in place, even when things don’t go according to plan.

#1 – you should love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your might.

#2 – love your neighbor as yourself.

#3 – ….

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The way I’ve tried to make choices in life is to think “is this what God, my creator, would want me to be doing?”


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