These Dino-Preneur Books Are OUT NOW!

This book teaches your kids how to monetize something. Lucas the Dinosaur Entrepreneur is all about taking basic principles of entrepreneurship and showing them through story about dinosaurs.

Lucas the Dinosaur is broke. His toy says to make a list of all the things he loves to do and has to do and then see what he can monetize from that list.

In book 1, Lucas figured out how to MONETIZE a passion of his.

But now Lucas is wondering how many potential customers he could serve in his neighborhood! In this book Lucas figures out what a market is and how to determine how big it is.

This is such an important concept for young entrepreneurs because determine how big your market of potential customers is is such an important part of learning to scale a business.

Join these 7 Highly Effective Animals as they team up to jump on a quest to save their forest!

This book explores each of the 7 effective habits by embodying them as an animal. Learn in a fun way what it means to find the win-win, to be proactive, or the be understanding, and 4 other habits!

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