Blake and Timmy met while performing as actors at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in 2011. Disney taught them the power of storytelling, creating memories, and crafting special moments for families.

Blake went on to become a nurse and has worked at level 1 trauma centers throughout the country while sharing his experiences through videos and humor to his 3+ million social media followers.

Timmy went on to become a #1 bestselling children’s book author and hosts a top rated literacy podcast focused on helping educators inspire kids to love reading.

Now years later, they’ve joined their passions together to create a fun and inspiring book focused on celebrating what it means to be a nurse. 

Who is Nurse Blake?

Nurse Blake is a tiktok/instagram/youtube celebrity. 

He makes content about the nursing profession and is loved by millions. He’s toured, sold out cruises, been on tv, and is just an all around great dude.

But you’re probably wondering about the book Nurse Blake right???

Blake wants to grow up and be just like the NURSE from his FAVORITE TV MEDICAL DRAMA. When he finds out his school is taking a field trip to the LOCAL HOSPITAL, Blake gets so excited he nearly pees his pants! Blake learns that it won’t be easy, but if he really puts his mind to it he can BECOME A GREAT NURSE. And that’s how he became NURSE BLAKE!

What this book teaches:

  • Nursing is not at all like TV
  • It can be very tough sometimes
  • But it’s super rewarding.

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